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Dispensing Equipment

Vieweg GmbH Dosier- und Mischtechnik

We manufacture and supply systems for controlled and precise dosing of low, medium and high viscosity fluids and pastes.

Dispensing Equipment

The equipment product ranges from simple hand-held devices to complex integrated “in-line” 4-axis robotic systems. All our equipment is supplied directly from our facility. Our highly qualified engineers and customer support staff provide full support to our customers.

For our facility to finalize the dispensing system and to do all quality checks, we continuously invest in equipment which gives us the guarantee to provide the best possible solution to our customers. Many years of experience, the willingness to constantly invest in the knowledge promotion and know-how of our employees, precision test and production equipment – all these guarantee our high quality products and the best solution to our customers.

  • Liquid Dispensers
  • Dosing Valves
  • XYZ Dispensing Robots
  • 2k-mixing robots
  • Consumables
  • Accessories