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RFID and Smartcards


Smartcards are used in a wide range of industries worldwide to support access, identity, payment and other applications.

Application fields include enterprise ID, financial, governmental, healthcare, identity, telecommunications and transportation.

Dimensions similar to those of a credit card. ID-1 of the ISO/IEC 7810 standard defines cards as nominally 85.60 by 53.98 millimetres (3.370 in × 2.125 in). Another popular size is ID-000 which is nominally 25 by 15 millimetres (0.984 in × 0.591 in) (commonly used in SIM cards). Both are 0.76 millimetres (0.030 in) thick.

For the manufacturing of Smartcard modules, the CollTech Group supplies UV and thermal curing adhesives based on special epoxy resin with high ion purity.

Glob-Top Encapsulation

  • Fast curing with discharge UV lamp or LED UV lamp
  • Excellent dispensing and flowing properties
  • Excellent adhesion on epoxy tapes and coated surfaces
  • Optimised flexibility and toughness
  • High reliability during temperature change

Dam&Fill Encapsulation

  • Different dam materials from flexible to hard
  • Tailored fill material
  • Same chemical basis for dam and fill material
  • Fasting curing
  • Excellent dispensing properties of dam material


Radio Frequency Identifiction rapidly expands by replacing traditional identification technologies such as bar codes for example.

In comparison with the older technologies, it tracks inventories in supply chains more efficiently ( real time visibility ), and monitors enterprise assets ongoing.

These benefits become ever more important for

-Security Access Controls


-Supply Chains ( inventory tracking )

-Baggage Handling ( travelling )

-Sports ( wearable textiles )


These applications require tamper-proof protection, extended durability, and low-cost production.

Industry specifications may require withstanding autoclave, harsh chemicals, or having low toxicity. Durable adhesives are needed for continued lifetime performance of the RFID tag.

Fast-curing epoxy adhesives are ideal for bonding the chip or ‘flip chip’ to the tag. Anisotropic conductive adhesives can be used to bond the antenna. Tamper-proofing via encapsulation with epoxy or structural acrylic adhesives protects the RFID chip to meet industry specifications.

Following this evolution, CollTech Group already is a reliable partner and a key trendsetter for demanding applications throughout the world

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