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Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies are based on energy delivering systems which are driven by non-fossil fuels.

Renewable Energies

These technologies are becoming very important since the fossil fuels are limited and in addition very often are acting as heavy pollutants.

Examples for alternative energies are photovoltaics, fuel cells and wind energy. Natural UV-irradiation, water and wind are the non-toxic, unlimited natural sources for the production of energy with these new energy systems.

In order to promote these new technologies as alternatives and competitive solutions against conventional fossil energy, an efficient production of the components for solar, fuel cell or wind powered energy has to be possible in high volumes and high production rates. Linked to this, fast curing adhesives come into play.

We have developed special fast curing adhesives for alternative energies.

The properties of these adhesives are:

  • fast cure
  • temperature resistant from -40°C – +150°C
  • high chemical resistance, even against Phosphoric or Sulphuric acid
  • weatherproof
  • gas barrier against hydrogen or water vapour
  • bonding and Sealing properties
  • gap filling
  • consistent quality
  • robust and reliable

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