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Loudspeakers and Microphones


High-performance loudspeakers and microphones are essential for personal entertainment and business. Mini loudspeakers in mobile devices are expected to perform with the same quality as standard sized loudspeakers.

Mobile device loudspeakers and microphones must maintain an excellent seal against water and dust while providing an excellent range of sound. Silicone-free, flexible urethanes create a superior seal and gasket while still remaining flexible.

In addition to car loudspeakers, microphones have become ubiquitous in cars and must meet the exacting standards and long-term durability requirements for the automotive industry. UV curable materials exceed rapid manufacturing requirements and can easily meet industry specifications.

Podcasting and recording equipment require Hi-Fi sound attachments to create excellent sounding content. UV curable materials can bond to low surface energy plastics and gold-plated products to produce excellent recording and sound experiences for end users.

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