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Chip bonding, FPC & PCB

FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit)

Today’s mobile devices have far more functionality than just a few short years ago. Flexible printed circuits (FPC) provide the advantages of being small, thin, lightweight, three-dimensional connection, shock and vibration resistance. As such, FPC has become key components in mobile devices.

In addition to electronic components and connectors, a variety of electrical and mechanical devices can be attached to FPC. New innovations in adhesives are supporting the need to squeeze more functionality into a single tight space.

FPC / PCB and Chip BondingOur adhesives have been applied in a wide range of applications in FPC assembly, including bonding chips and components, encapsulating ICs, conformal coating boards, waterproof insulation, die attachment and underfilling.

ACA Bonding

Miniaturization and lead-free processing are key drivers for ACA chip bonding. Thinner, more compact designs lead to smaller and lighter consumer electronics. ACA or Anisotropic Conductive Adhesives are ideal candidates to meet future industry requirements. Applications where high signal density is required, such as PTF circuits and RFID antenna assemblies, utilize ACA bonding.

New designs of medical scanners require Chip on Flex application with pitch ranging from 20-40um. Next generation PET (positron emission tomogram) scanners and miniature ultrasound probes using ACA chip on flex bonding are enabled with higher resolution and greater durability because of the bonding capabilities of ACA.


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